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4 myths about BlogPaws conference busted

As you know, we are honored to be selected as a Nose-to-Nose Awards finalist for Best Photo on a Pet Blog.

Sadly, we cannot attend the conference because of Claire’s work commitments. As she doesn’t want to let us go alone there, we’ll join the fun on the blogs of our lucky friends who go to Kansas City virtually. However, there are some myths about the BlogPaws conference we want to bust.

Myth #1 : I am a brand new blogger, it’s not for me

On the contrary, BlogPaws conference is made for you !

You’ll meet many other enthusiastic pet bloggers of all kind, you’ll meet many wonderful pets of all kind, you’ll connect directly with brands you love or you’re interested in, you’ll learn how to block time to blog efficiently, you’ll learn how to set goals for your blog and how to reach them, you’ll learn how to monetize your blog, you’ll learn how to use social medias for your blog, you’ll learn how to take great photos and many tips and tricks from other bloggers, if you’re a cat blogger you’ll enjoy the cat lounge, you’ll see stylish pets and their humans in evening dress walk the Red Carpet to the Nose-to-Nose Awards Ceremony, you’ll laugh, or cry, or both during the ceremony, and you’ll have fun !

Myth #2 : it’s too expensive


In itself, it’s not expensive : during three days, you can visit 7 exhibit hall events and the cat lounge, you can chose among 13 breakout sessions events and 2 keynotes events to attend, you have 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches included (or you can join the 2 lunch table topic events), you can have a One to One’s session with top professionals of the pet blogging world or of the pet industry, you can enjoy the Pet Park, and the best, you can be at the Nose-to-Nose Awards Ceremony.

But it’s a pity some people who want to go cannot afford it for different reasons (we know some people are sponsored by friends or by a brand), and we are sad for them.

Myth #3 : I don’t monetize my blog, it’s not for me

See answer #1, except the monetize stuff… Seriously, where else would you have the opportunity to meet 500 pet bloggers all together at the same place, and learn so many things in so little time for bringing your blog to an upper level ?

Myth #4 : I cannot attend, why should I care ?

If you’re a member of the BlogPaws community, it’s a way to be part of the fun, even from far away. Many members post on Facebook or tweet about it live, or blog about it a few days after the conference. They all have learned something, they all lived « their » conference, and you can learn from them. And for the Nose-to-Nose Awards Ceremony, the BlogPaws Team makes a video and you can watch it on YouTube.

We’ve been doing this since we heard of the BlogPaws Conference ; it’s not like being at the conference, of course !

And you, are you going to the conference this year ?

Our blog is a finalist !

We’ve heard the most incredible news ever on Monday : we are honored to be selected as a Nose-to-Nose Awards finalist with 51 other talented bloggers. We’re nominated for Best Blog Photo.

We’re so happy, it’s beyond words !

What are the Nose-to-Nose Awards ?

The BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media Nose-to-Nose Awards were created by the founders of BlogPaws to judge pet bloggers and influencers who write about pets online for their expertise, creativity, performance and achievements in one or more of 13 categories (…) Judging is done by a panel of distinguished professionals, not by popular vote.

The suspense will last until the BlogPaws 2018 Conference in Kansas City, during which winners will be announced.

Concatulations to all the finalists !

Supawstars Spotlight Award

I’m doing my happy dance, because last week we had the very nice surprise to receive the Supawstars Spotlight Award from Avery and his mom Elise from KittyClysm.
What an honor ! We loved Elise’s description of our blog : we work hard to take beautiful photos, and she noticed it, and she describes very well what we want to do with our blog. We’re over the moon !

The rules say that we should give this award to five other bloggers and say why they deserve it, but how could we do ? We follow more than 100 amazing blogs. Some bloggers take fabulous photos, some bloggers write wonderful posts, some bloggers share great information, and some bloggers simply make us laugh : how could we choose only five of them ? Impossible !

Thank you so much, Elise, you made our day !