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Where is my bird ?

Hey, human, where’s my bird ?

You know, the pretty bird I hunted specifically for you, and that I brought you alive on getting out of bed. Yes, the one I dropped down the stairs on the way up from the garden so you could see how it was still flying well. Does that mean anything to you ? For once, Zorro didn’t chew him off, and we wanted to play together with him and with you. In the excitement of the moment, the bird had lost a few feathers everywhere (in the kitchen, in the staircase, in the room overlooking the garden, …), but he also seemed to have a good time and even shouted with joy. You joined us, you had a little towel in your hand, you also played catch the bird, then you left, but the bird was gone.

So, Claire, where’s my birdie ?

My sweet little sister is a formidable huntress

The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, the birds were singing, and Pixie was hunting… It was a goldfinch. Claire knows it because Pixie came to show her her prey in the kitchen before coming down again in the garden.

She played a moment with her bird before giving it to me. A real teamwork : she hunts, I eat !

She would have all the same to decide to eat her preys one day : I am going to gain weight with this system, me… Really, it’s soon double ration every day !