It is the beginning of the end !

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bathroom 1bathroom 2bathroom 3When they bought this small house in 2003, Claire and Momo said : ” the bathroom, it’s what we’re going to redo first ! “.

But here is : there were doors and windows to be changed, the garden to be recreated, the roof to be completely redone, the nail bar to be created and to be fitted out, and finally our unique tiny bathroom stayed as it was already in 1955. The bathtub is so much worn-out that it’s quite rough : impossible to have a bath without having irritated buttocks !

This year, miracle : it’s the Year Of The Bathroom ! Momo began the works yesterday ; from Wednesday, two people are going to come to make widgets and things with pipes, and we’ll be locked into the nail bar, with access to the garden. The plumbers will take all the old equipment and will install a part of the new one. We can tell you more about it on Friday.

But we’re worried : if the plumbers take the former litter box of our humans, do you believe that these are going to use ours while waiting for the new one ?!?
pixie checks the bathroom

21 thoughts on “It is the beginning of the end !

  1. Canadian Cats

    Oh my a new bathroom. They can’t use your toilet….they’d fill it up if they go just once. They can use a bucket….much easier for you. It will be a beautiful bathroom when they’re done.


  2. da tabbies o trout towne

    zorro and pixie…..your box is your box….make Claire and momo go to a restaurant restroom !!! they just better hope they dont run into a traffic jam !!! ♥♥♥

  3. Kimberly Gauthier

    I am terrified of home improvement projects, but I’m fascinated it when others are doing it so I hope you document the entire adventure and share your thoughts. I’ve always wondered how our kitties feel about our projects.

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