Granpa is a crazy cat daddy

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Today, it’s Caturday ! We didn’t publish yesterday, because we celebrated Christmas with Grandpa ; he laughs friendly at Claire and at the small touch of madness of all the members of the Cat Blogosphere but in fact he’s also crazy as her. He doesn’t have cats anymore since he’s retired because he likes very much travelling, and he didn’t find very nice for them to send them too often in pet boarding.

The first present which it brought out of his bag filled with attractive packages was not either for Claire, or for Momo : it was for us ! Look at the magnificent revolutionary place mat he found for us !
set Chat Guevara

  • Chat Guevara : « chat » means cat and is put instead of « Che”
  • Peuple chat, mettons la pâtée aux chiens : literally, “cat populate, let’s give dogs dog food » , but it’s an expression that means “Cat populate, let’s kick some dogs ass !”
  • Viva las croquettas : « croquettes » are kibbles : « Long live kibbles !”

And today, it was the first day of snow !
premier jour neige
I had never seen it before, but Zorro was not very impressed…
pixie voit la neige pour la 1ere fois zorro et la neige

23 thoughts on “Granpa is a crazy cat daddy

  1. Hannah and Lucy

    We hope you had a good Christmas and loved all your presents. Wow what a great place mat your Grandpa gave you – btw we have snow too today and we’re not at all impressed that it chose to land here!! We are sending more purrs for your Daddy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Georgia and Julie

    Your Grandpa sounds like a cool dude 🙂
    We like that placemat 😉
    We hope you enjoyed Christmas,though we bet you all missed Momo.
    We continue to send him purrs.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Canadian Cats

    We loved your placemat! We need a new one but not right away. Your grampa sounds like a cat person and we always need more of those. hahaha…Zorri looks like he remembers the snow and finds it cold so is going to stretch out on the heat.


  4. Raven

    Your Grandpa has a great sense of humor. And you found a great spot to stretch out on top of the radiator, but it’s looks like you have to be careful so that your paws don’t slip down the edges. My house has heater vents in the floor so it’s easy for me to sleep on them.

  5. Robin

    Very fun placemat! It looks like you had a great Christmas. Cinco and Manna aren’t particularly thrilled about snow either. Luckily, we haven’t had too much snow yet this winter. I’m sure we will have plenty soon though.

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