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A week in the sun

The weather has been beautiful all week, and the temperatures were very mild, too mild for the season.

So we spent a lot of time in the garden, and Claire and Momo were able to take a beautiful stroll along the lake

Unfortunately, these weather conditions are extremely dangerous in the mountains ; an avalanche descended on a marked track and killed one person a few days ago in Crans-Montana. Our thoughts go out to the victim’s family, a patroller, and to the people who work on trail safety. If you like skiing and mountain, be careful in the Alps !


It’s grey, it’s cold, rain mixed with snow is falling (or snow mixed with rain, I don’t know very well) : so I decided to exercise inside.

For those who are not familiar with CrossFit, WOD stands for Workout Of the Day.


  • climb stairs at full speed, jumping 2 steps at a time
  • go down more quietly
  • high-speed chase with Zorro
  • with Claire : capture 5 times my Neko Fly
  • climb my cat tree up to the ceiling
  • catch the Neko Fly from the top platform of the cat tree
  • go down and jump from the bottom platform to the ground
  • 4 minutes cardio-training with the Cat Dancer

And you, what is your program to stay fit ?

From winter to spring

Within a week, we jumped from winter to spring : the signs multiply, as these croci in our garden for example.

We had a fast rebound of the temperatures, and even a little sun.

Our humans have a new project : renovate the kitchen. They spent their Friday afternoon choosing the color of cupboards, the counter, and the appliances, and still have to think about the stone floor.

We didn’t already have been able to visit you on your blogs on Wednesday and Thursday because Claire had had big days at the school between teaching and her management activity, and we wanted to catch up on Friday, but we had to change our plans : her old friend The Migraine barged in on Friday evening and was embedded until Sunday morning !

In the afternoon, Claire and Momo went to walk by the lake (Lake of Geneva) in spite of the gloomy weather, and made some nice meetings.

March is also the month of time change : we hate that, and it will take place at the end of the month here. All the best to all our American friends !