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A beautiful winter day

It snowed a lot last week, and it was chaos on the roads the first few days. Our human has chosen a good time to get sick (nothing serious) and stay a few days at home. We took the opportunity to do additional cuddling sessions.

When we got up this morning, we saw that a beautiful day was coming after several days of snow and greyness. Zorro, who does absolutely everything in the garden, is looking forward to finally seeing some sun !

Our thoughts are with our friends in the United States who are currently experiencing very violent storms and tornadoes, and we hope they are all safe.

Some news

Since our last post, we first had snow, rain, wind, then rain again : we had to adapt to the terrible weather.

The conditions then improved enough that we could go out again, at least at the window.

Today, the weather is beautiful, which allowed our humans to take a nice walk. Mountains, a body of water, and a little sun, it didn’t take much more for a banal landscape to become extraordinary.

A week in the sun

The weather has been beautiful all week, and the temperatures were very mild, too mild for the season.

So we spent a lot of time in the garden, and Claire and Momo were able to take a beautiful stroll along the lake

Unfortunately, these weather conditions are extremely dangerous in the mountains ; an avalanche descended on a marked track and killed one person a few days ago in Crans-Montana. Our thoughts go out to the victim’s family, a patroller, and to the people who work on trail safety. If you like skiing and mountain, be careful in the Alps !